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At Georgilas - Hatzopoulos & Associates, G-H Law Chambers, we have a flexible team of recognised and experienced professionals.

We provide representation in litigation, counseling and real estate. Each member enjoys a sound academic background and commands fluently at least two foreign languages. We advise and represent our clients on various fields of law (civil, commercial and administrative). It is our primary intention and goal to render highly professional legal services.
Founded in 2001, we fully implemented the excellence in practice, tradition and long experience of Professor (Emerita) Aliki Tzika - Hatzopoulou, which dates back to the sixties.
A novel, more international and european perspective, was brought on-board by Mr Stratis Georgilas and Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos, respectively.

Litigating before european and international Tribunals and Courts is not a rarity. Counseling and representing before all domestic Courts well established (domestic and foreign) legal entities and corporations in the fields of (in alphabetical order) aviation, construction and land, education, IT technologies, energy, health and social security, human rights, public international law, public procurement, rail transport, services, represent a major part of our workload. This being so, we invite and indeed look forward in addressing new challenges.




Recent News  

  • Ta ILA Brazil

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    An exciting conference with wonderful colleagues! ILABrazilStrGeorgilas

    ILA Com PICT/LUX (16-17 MAR 2018)

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    The second reading of the Rapporteur’s draft Report is a reality. Stratis attended the meeting and followed closely its works at MPI/LUX. An in-depth work took place (16-17 MAR 2018). Thank you Hélène for all the...
  • Stratis and the ILA Regional Conference 2018 at Brazil

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    Stratis will atttend the ILA Regional Conference 2018 (Brazilian and Portuguese Branches) at Minas Gerais, Brazil (23-28 MAY 2018). He shall participate in the works of the conference and, more particularly, in the panel on...

    ILA Com PICT/LUX (22-23 SEP 2017)

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    Following comments and notes on the Rapporteur’s first draft, Stratis was present and participated in the works of the Committee at MPI/Luxembourg (22-23 SEP 2017).
  • Aviation Law Conference (25 OCT 2017)

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    Stratis participated in the Law Conference organised by Clyde & Co in London, UK (25 OCT 2017). A fine opportunity to meet good friends and collegues.
  • Wright Lunch 2017 (18 DEC 2017)

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    An excellent event took place in Halandri. The Wright Lunch, organised by the Hellenic Aviation Society, was a true success. (18 DEC 2017)
  • Charnley Law Dinner 2018 (9 FEB 2018)

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    Charnley Law Dinner 2018 took place at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, last February (9 FEB 2018). As anticipated, an excellent event. Stratis was there and enjoyed utterly the company of old and new friends from academia...

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